‘The Willow Tree Nursery School has such an inviting atmosphere and I can’t recommend it enough to everyone I know. The staff are absolutely fantastic and will go out of their way to accommodate us all. It was ‘home away from home’ and my daughter loved going and never once refused to go. I was amazed at how much XXXX grew in confidence in the year she was at nursery and learnt so much from all the daily variety of activities organised by the staff, which was all educational. So far we have had two of our daughters in The Willow Tree and hope our other two daughters will have the privilege of experiencing what The Willow Tree Nursery School has to offer.’
– Haniyyah (Parent)

‘XXXX has been coming to nursery for 18 months and has enjoyed every session. He has always gone into nursery happy and come home happy. He enjoyed all the different activities including the ‘show and tell bag’ and taking home Billy Bear for the weekend. He has liked growing tomatoes and sunflowers, baking cakes, being given ‘jobs’ to help with amongst many other things. Thank you for making XXXX’s time at nursery so enjoyable for him (and us)!
-Jenny (Parent)

I feel so lucky that my daughter attended The Willow Tree Nursery for 2 years. Within their care she has blossomed from a shy, nervous toddler into a confident, enthusiastic, ready-for-school child. Their philosophy and environment offers nurture, care and warmth and encourages children to find and celebrate their own uniqueness! Staff go ‘over and above’ to meet the children’s needs and offer parents support and guidance when needed and I never once worried or fretted whilst my daughter was in their care. I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone and would encourage parents to choose The Willow Tree Nursery for their children.’
-Jennifer (Parent)

‘Every member of staff is welcoming, friendly and approachable. My daughter is so well cared for during her time at nursery and I have no worries about leaving her. XXXX’s confidence has grown so much – she talks a lot at home about the adults, her friends, what she has learned and is forever singing nursery songs. The nursery environment is bright and encouraging and looks very accessible to the children.’
– Laura (Parent)

‘We have a long-established relationship with Nursery which enables a smooth transition of all pupils. Documentation and dialogue facilitates the continuous good practice of both settings. Throughout the academic year opportunities for visits, collaborative experiences and enjoyment of the physical environment has a positive impact on all pupil’s learning.’
– Karen Bent (Reception class teacher at Bidford Primary School)

I am very pleased with how quickly XXXX has settled and enjoys his time at nursery. He has very quickly got used to the routine and the ‘ladies’ that are there to look after him, he loves his time at nursery and looks forward to going. It has been lovely to see XXXX’s confidence grow and we look forward to watching him grow even more next year. Thank you!
-Amy (Parent)

‘All staff have been great! XXXX has really enjoyed her time at nursery. She chats about the staff and has a special bond with her key worker. XXXX enjoyed all activities and I know that the staff are lead by her interests – especially with her love of dressing up! We will be sad not to be part of the Willow Tree Family and would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.’
-Donna (Parent)

‘Thank you for all you have done in caring for and teaching XXXX this year. He has settled, learning to separate and grown in confidence. He returns from nursery knowing and singing new songs, stories and re-enacting new play. He has become interested in counting and shows he now understands numbers 1-3 because of your input. XXXX is beginning to show an interest in print because of his time in nursery. We look forward to him building his confidence next year, playing cooperatively with new friends and continuing to learn new things. Thank you again.’
-Louise & Adam (Parents)

‘It has been a really nice experience to see XXXX growing throughout nursery. Her first days she started very shy and her last days ended being a confident little girl, ready to start at big school! She enjoyed playing inside as much as playing outside. Lots of creative projects to help them with their imagination and she had a lovely relationship with all the staff in nursery. We feel it has been a lovely journey and preparation for her next step.’
-Hana (Parent)

‘Thank you for a lovely chat at parents evening today. I was impressed to see so many observations in XXXX’s folder since he’s only been with you for two months. Thank you for helping him to settle in. you’ve all shown kindness and understanding towards him which I am grateful for. Thank you for the photographs, these will help us to keep talking about nursery over the summer.’
-Rachel (Parent)

‘The staff of willow Tree Nursery work diligently to deliver a stimulating, caring and enriching experience for all their children. Children are well prepared for transition and come into school ready to learn. Staff ensure that individual needs are addressed and all children have activities tasked and paced with these needs in mind. Staff at Willow Tree Nursery are professional,dedicated and experienced in providing an excellent start for pupils in their care.’
-Laurie Whiting Deputy Head @ Bidford on Avon Primary School