Parent Partnership


Each child is provided with a Communication diary, which is used on a regular basis by parents and staff to record significant information. We update our 'collection whiteboard' daily, use Facebook and monthly newsletters to keep parents/carers in the loop.

Key Worker system

Each child has their own key worker who plays a very important role, as they build strong links with the children and their parents. The key worker will be able to identify learning abilities, interests and next steps of development.


We use 2Build a profile and parent share to instantly capture observations and log achievements of your child, which is at times emailed to you - this enables us to keep you up to date with your child's progress at nursery!

Open door policy

We hold an 'open door' policy and welcome parents to come in for a chat and offer support in any way that we can. We value comments and views, and give oppurtunities for parents to be involved in promoting the development of their child.

We feel it is paramount to work in close partnership with parents, to enable us to provide the best possible care for children.